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We stock a wide range of books, CDs and DVDs on the Alvis Marque from several distinguished expert authors. Browse our selection to find both historical and technical books to meet every requirement.

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The Alvis Front Wheel Drive Cars

A booklet on the history of the model.
£0.50 incl tax

The Alvis Firefly by Simon Fisher

Alvis “Firefly Twelve”: the Alvis Firefly, by Simon Fisher. This monograph is intended to bring together all the information on the Firefly I have gathered as the owner of a 1934 Firefly Drop-head Coupe for thirty years and in my role as Firefly Secretary of the Alvis Owner Club since 1989.  It is not intended to be a workshop manual nor a restorer's guide.  Rather, it is a tribute to the people that designed and built the Alvis Firefly…’

£17.00 incl tax

TA14 Collection in CD format by Michael Fletcher & Colin Newby

Technical & Historic The ALVIS TA14 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION in CD FORMAT Fully indexed - No more oily thumbprints on your TA14 Manual. Simply print the required page before working on your car.
£19.20 incl tax

Fifty Years of Alvis Enthusiasm by John Wheeley

An anecdotal history of the Alvis Owner Club, year by year from 1951 to 2001.
£40.00 incl tax