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Buying an Alvis

1948 TA 14 Richard Mead DHC This section is intended to offer some thoughts for consideration by intending purchasers and reflects members' experiences down the years. It therefore takes a very frank "warts and all" approach to possible problem areas in an effort to assist purchasers to select the car best suited to their needs.

Fashions change in the old car world. In recent years undisturbed original cars have become more sought after, but there are many to whom originality is not a prime consideration and who are more interested in style and overall condition. Vendors' descriptions of cars are frequently at variance with buyers' opinions, sometimes even misleading, and price expectations unrealistic! It is also very easy to be carried away when viewing a prospective purchase and to sell yourself a heap of rubbish for an inflated price. For this reason it may be wise to take someone experienced with you. Joining the Alvis Owner Club first will greatly improve your information. It is best to leave aside a proportion of your budget to cover unforeseen eventualities, and you will enjoy your purchase more if you can spend a little improving it. The Alvis Owner Club has comprehensive records, and most of the Works data exist with the AOC model secretaries and Red Triangle, so it is easy to check the provenance of a car. This is important because it is not unknown for, say, a saloon to metamorphose into a more desirable drophead with a consequent hike in the price. Such a conversion, if well done, will be accepted in the AOC but will invariably be worth less than an original drophead in equivalent condition. The vendor may well be unaware of the car’s history and be presenting it honestly, but others are less scrupulous. Checking against the Works record is advisable and can save a nasty surprise later on.

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