Red Triangle RH Insurance


Monday, January 1, 2018

No failing to proceed although it did get warm and in my case smokey lucky my windscreen opens and Kim, our star mascot, did not object.
A great day I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
A big thank you to all participants and great to meet you all with your fantastic cars.

A lot of selfies with our cars I was filmed on the M1 twice at least on the way home as well.

the Star of our entry Sue Speyers Dog Kim in my Sisters Car the TA14 Woody. This is my biggest tribute to both of them both owned this car at different times and were members of the AOC.

Two more stars debating how best to proceed with dignity! OR caption of your choice?

The full line up

FootmanJames Insurance Longstone Tyres Chris Prince
Earley Engineering Fisher Restoration Hagerty Insurance
Tim Walker Restorations Peter Best Insurance Motor Wheel Service International Ltd.
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