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Alvis Centenary Car Badge

A limited edition car badge to celebrate the Alvis centenary. Includes fixing plate, screws and nuts. Approx. size 70mm x 73mm
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For historical records of the Alvis Car Club, please refer to The Alvis Archive Trust web site.

The original  badge has a soldered 35 mm diam. round clip attached that means attachment to only a round bar (headlamp or otherwise) of that diameter, whereas the new fixing is two 3 mm soldered nuts for fixing with set screws, that will allow attachment by a similar round clip method or attach to a grille or vertical flat pillar; due to demand for those who have seen it, a chromium -plated backing plate has been manufactured with holes for the vertical nuts/set screw studs on the badge and with two horizontal holes at the base which would act as a mounting for a standard badge-bar (20mm) with clip-type type mounting. Some may wish to fit it to the 50mm dumb-iron between the chassis rails or even the vertical louvres of a later Alvis radiator. Hence, the need for a universal fixing on the badge itself. It has since been discovered that the original badge was also available with the base holes for badge bar fitment, so one badge now satisfies the requirements of all. Each badge comes with studs and flat plate and a backing plate.

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