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Alvis wins the RAC Club Trophy at the Hampton Court Concours

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Steve Horne was in contact with the organisers of the Hampton Court Concours last Autumn and again this Spring, principally to arrange our AOC participation in 2019 and 2020 as the celebratory 100 years of Alvis. Being reminded that we could nominate a candidate for the Inter-Club Concours on Friday 31st August 2018, we took up the challenge and promised we would provide an entry by July. Some firm requests by the South East Section did not easily bring up a short-list, but George Butlin was persuaded that his 1938 Alvis Speed 25 Drophead - coupe assembled by Hooper, using unfitted panels by Charlesworth, definitely needed an airing and a good polish. George was left to his frenetic preparations and to finalise the details of his entry ‘ by invitation’, direct with the organising committee. Thankfully , he had prepared a most suitable resume of the car’s history with some fine references to the Hooper connection, its wartime exploits and political canvassing in the post-war years prior to George’s ownership and of course there is no-one better able to describe with passion the intricacies of the Speed 25 model and his own car in particular.

As our Alvis Owner Club nominated entry, George entered alongside a huge array of immaculate and very distinguished marques with equally important historical significance, so it says much for the quality of the restoration and his constant upkeep, that the panel of selected RAC judges decided that his Alvis Speed 25 should be the Club Trophy winner.

Hampton Court Concours

George Butlin being presented with the RAC Trophy by Prince Michael of Kent behind his magnificent Alvis Speed 25 Charlesworth Drophead -coupe ; a day to remember.

This huge accolade will be followed by presentation of the car in the Rotunda at The RAC Club in Pall Mall during the coming weeks, where George and Annie will have further opportunities to represent the Alvis marque, and the Speed Models amongst other exhibits , and no doubt the 1929 Mercedes Benz S-Type , Ex- Earl Howe, which won the distinguished Pegasus trophy in the 60 limited Private Entry class, which will be the highlights on show to the motoring press.

Hampton Court Concours

George and Annie with the enormous RAC Club Trophy – they get to keep a fine glass one!

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